SUPERSTEREO takes sharing music up a beat

Wherever you are, the SUPERSTEREO app will allow you to party with friends, strangers or even with the man on the moon...(we haven’t tried the last one, but you get the idea). Imagine the world as your giant boombox. Simply start or join a playlist by adding music from your iTunes or SoundCloud, connect, tap play and watch the fist pumps fly.

This is the last music app you will ever need. SUPERSTEREO - taking the party to the next level.

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Party and Perform mode

Let the music do the talking. Hook up your device to a stereo while in Party-Mode and let other partygoers suggest their own tracks to add to your playlist. No more killing the Dj! it’s now a crowd effort. Create your very own silent disco in Perform-Mode, all you need is a crowd and some ear buds. Your neighbours will never complain about the noise, in fact they can join in.


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